Consumer Portable/Fold-up InvertaBod™ with wheels

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Same specifications as the Consumer (Athletes) Spinal Decompressor, just 14 lbs lighter, collapsible and on wheels; perfect for anybody to use at home or at work!

  • Height manually adjustable 5’ to 6’6”
  • 50 lbs, legs fold up for easy storage/transportation and it has wheels.
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Dimensions of the InvertaBod™*

  • Floor measurement 40 1/4” open
  • Frame 26” wide with handles 33”
  • Collapsed 27” high, fully extended 36 5/8”
  • Seat width 17”, depth 12”
  • 50 lbs

*All measurements are approximations and can be considered reasonably accurate but not exact measurements 

Other specifications:

  • Made of heavy gauge steel
  • Comfortable flat seat and calf pads
  • Weight bearing is on the thighs, no pressure on feet, ankles or knees
  • Usable by people with leg length discrepancies.
  • Adaptable to different length trunks, thighs and legs
  • Vertical rear post adjustable 90°, 65°, 40° to ensure maximum hamstring, gluteal, lumbar, thoracic and cervical stretch, strengthening and decompression.
  • Rear T-Bar is adjustable up to 4” to accommodate different thigh diameters.
  • Maximum weight load is 300 lbs.

Dr. LeRoy Perry’s Spinal Decompressors™ and InvertaBods™ are heavy-duty exercise devices used by Olympic, professional athletes and back-pain sufferers all over the world.

The Professional model of the Spinal Decompressor was originally designed for our US military and is now used by chiropractic and medical offices, gyms, physical therapy facilities, colleges and universities. The consumer (Athletic) model, which has the same specifications, is 21 lbs lighter, folds up for transportation, and therefore can easily be used in a gym, home or in an office. The InvertaBod™ has all the same features but is even lighter, narrower, has wheels and folds up for easier transportation.

Dr. LeRoy Perry’s Spinal Decompressor™ and InvertaBod™ are a biomechanically efficient exercise and rehabilitation system, proven to enhance athletic performance. They are also the most significant breakthrough for bad-back pain sufferers, combining Gravity-Traction and Active Spinal Decompression™.

Using the forces of gravity, they allow the user to elongate and decompress the spine in a safe, relaxed and comfortable inverted position. Decompressing the spine increases nerve supply and circulation throughout the body, thereby supplying more oxygen to all organs and tissues.

Considered by many yoga and Pilates teachers to be the ultimate exercise device, Dr. LeRoy Perry’s Spinal Decompressor™ and InvertaBod™ reinforce yoga principles. Both can also be used to perform back and abdominal exercises, re-educating the muscles to create balance, co-ordination and Spinal Core Stability™.

It only takes two minutes twice a day to achieve results.

Spinal Decompressor™ and InvertaBod™ users claim that the benefits obtained are RELIEF of BACK PAIN, and an INCREASE in VITALITY, STAMINA, STRENGTH and FLEXIBILITY.

Using Dr. LeRoy Perry’s InvertaBod™ is simple. Leaning forward in an inverted position, just relax and breathe, and let your muscles elongate.

Contraindications of the InvertaBod include but are not limited to hypertension, heart condition, glaucoma, stroke, any metal or surgical implants/screws or other hardware in the spine. Please consult your doctor to make sure he/she feels it is beneficial and safe for you to use this or any other exercise device.


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