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Dr LeRoy Perry, Jr., D.C. demonstrates how to use the Spinal Decompressor™

In the above video, Dr. LeRoy Perry, Jr., D.C. demonstrates decompression exercises on his Spinal Decompressor™ with coach and Olympic gold medalist Mac Wilkins. Using the Spinal Decompressor™ as directed provides natural active gravity traction. Spinal Decompressor™ is the perfect solution for people with back pain and bad backs.

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Next, in the video below, Dr. Perry and Mac Wilkins discuss the benefits and importance of spinal decompression for anti-aging, back pain, enhancement of athletic performance and quality of life improvement:

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Now, in the next video below, Dr. LeRoy Perry, Jr., D.C. demonstrates the Spinal Decompressor consumer model height, thigh and leg adjustments:

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Still not convinced the Spinal Decompressor™ is right for you? Check out the next video to learn even more about how spinal decompression can help you ease your back pain and reverse the negative impacts of gravity on the body.

In this video below, Dr. LeRoy Perry, Jr., D.C. talks about back pain and bad posture, and the importance and benefits of spinal decompression using his Spinal Decompressor™

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